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Yannick will introduce his Orchestre Metropolitain to Europe.

For the first time in 36 years, the Montreal Orchestre Métropolitain will tour in Europe from November 26 to December 3, 2017, accompanied by soloists Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Alexandre Tharaud, Jean Guihen Queyras and Stéphane Tétreault. They will visit Dortmund, Cologne, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam (Concertgebouw) and Paris (2 concerts in the Philharmonie), and will present two magnificent concert programs. The talent of Yannick Nézet-Séguin being recognized in the world, the doors opened to welcome this wonderful orchestra and its leader who have evolved together for 16 years.


Montreal, November 24, 2016 — The Orchestre Métropolitain is pleased to announce an international tour—the first in its history—with its artistic director and principal conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin. Specifically, the Orchestre will perform seven concerts in six European cities (Dortmund, Cologne and Hamburg in Germany, Amsterdam and Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Paris in France) between November 23 and December 4, 2017. Two renowned Quebec soloists will join the Orchestre, namely contralto Marie-Nicole Lemieux and cellist Stéphane Tétreault, as will two other artists frequently seen and heard in Quebec, cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras and pianist Alexandre Tharaud. Two programs are to be performed during the tour. Besides showcasing the Orchestre’s talent, the programs will each include a work by a Quebec composer and, in a nod to our roots, works by French and English composers. The Orchestre Métropolitain’s artistic director and principal conductor, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, is delighted with how this major project has come together. “Tours are part of my life,” he says. “This time, it gives me great pride to tour with my Orchestre Métropolitain, which is so close to my heart. To present this ensemble to European audiences, who know it through its recordings but have not yet had the opportunity to hear it in concert, is especially exciting for me, who has performed in all these cities and all these famous venues with my other orchestras. This tour with the Métropolitan’s musicians is an important step on our shared musical path. I am filled with immense joy at the prospect of touring with my friends in the Métropolitain, and I am all the more proud to share these moments with exceptional artists such as Alexandre Tharaud, Jean-Guihen Queyras and, of course, Stéphane Tétreault and Marie-Nicole Lemieux, great musicians who are celebrated around the globe.”

“This tour arrives at a key period in our orchestra’s history”, says Jean R. Dupré, president and CEO of the Orchestre Métropolitain. “It is a confirmation of the place that the Orchestre has carved out for itself on the international music scene in its more than 35 years of existence. The energy, affection and special relationship that has developed between Yannick Nézet-Séguin and the musicians of the Métropolitain are unique. We are dedicating this tour to our Montreal audiences. Those who have been with us since our earliest days constantly motivate us to excel. We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to share our love of music with European audiences.”


The Orchestre Métropolitain’s European tour will begin in Germany on November 26 in the city of Dortmund (Konzerthaus), with a first program featuring Kaléidoscope by Quebec composer Pierre Mercure. Berlioz’s Les Nuits d’été will give the audience the opportunity to hear one of Quebec’s most alluring voices, that of Marie-Nicole Lemieux. Saint-Saëns’s Cello Concerto in A minor will showcase the enormous talent of cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras, while Elgar’s Enigma Variations will conclude the concert. The program will be repeated on November 30 in Rotterdam (De Doelen), December 1 in Hamburg (Elbphilharmonie) and December 2 at the Philharmonie in Paris. The tour’s second program, which will first be performed in Cologne (Kölner Philharmonie) on November 27, will begin with Exil intérieur, a work by Quebec composer Éric Champagne that was commissioned by the Orchestre in 2012. Two exceptional soloists will be featured in this concert: French pianist Alexandre Tharaud, who will perform Ravel’s Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, and one of Quebec’s most brilliant cellists, Stéphane Tétreault, who will play in Elgar’s Cello Concerto. Debussy’s La Mer will round out this second program, which the Orchestre will also give in Amsterdam (Concertgebouw) on November 29 and, ending the tour, at the Philharmonie in Paris on December 3.


Sun., Nov. 26, 2017 – Dortmund, Germany (Konzerthaus) – Prog. 1
Mon., Nov. 27, 2017 – Cologne, Germany (Kölner Phil.) – Prog. 2
Wed., Nov. 29, 2017 – Amsterdam, Neth. (Concertgebouw) – Prog. 2
Thur., Nov. 30, 2017 – Rotterdam, Netherlands (De Doelen) – Prog. 1
Fri., Dec. 1, 2017 – Hamburg, Germany (Elbphilharmonie) – Prog. 1
Sat., Dec. 2, 2017 – Paris, France (Philharmonie) – Prog. 1
Sun., Dec. 3, 2017 – Paris, France (Philharmonie) – Prog. 2

Mercure: Kaléidoscope
Berlioz: Les Nuits d'été (Marie-Nicole Lemieux)
Saint-Saëns: Cello Concerto No. 1 (Jean-Guihen Queyras)
Elgar: Enigma Variations

Champagne: Exil intérieur
Ravel: Piano Concerto for the Left Hand (Alexandre Tharaud)
Elgar: Cello Concerto (Stéphane Tétreault)
Debussy: La Mer

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