Yannick on the red carpet, this time for the Montreal premiere of the film Happy Days! *

Magnificent event Monday evening at the Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts in Montreal, on the occasion of the premiere of the film Happy Days in the presence of journalists and cameras!

This film directed by filmmaker Chloé Robichaud is a real gem! It stars the excellent Sophie Desmarais in the role of a young conductor who, after several difficulties and adventures, finally manages to convey her emotions in the music she directs. OM is in the spotlight both through the image of several musicians in action and through its breathtaking music. Yannick acted as musical advisor to Chloé and Sophie; he has worked alongside them since the very beginning of their respective approach.

The film will be in theaters this Friday, October 20. This is a very touching film featuring many seasoned actors such as Sylvain Marcel; Maude Guérin; Nour Belkhiria; Yves Jacques; Vincent Leclerc and several others.

«The greatest generator of energy on the international podium »

The Financial Times