Yannick at the Toronto International Film Festival. (TIFF)

Yannick Nézet-Séguin is very proud of the positive reception given by the public to Chloé Robichaud’s film Les Jours Heureux during the Toronto International Film Festival. (TIFF); Yannick has acted as an Artistic and Musical Advisor from the start.

Crédit: Arthur Mola

“Classical music is a character in itself which transports us and brings us into the head of the protagonist (Sophie Desmarais) of Happy Days. » Chloé Robichaud, director (Luc Boulanger, La Presse)

“The goal that I had set for myself by agreeing to participate in the project, namely that music be shown as something that can help people to free themselves, even to find meaning in their lives, was there, it was in the movie. » YNS (François Lévesque, Le Devoir)

“I am very proud to have contributed to a work which is so moving, which is also true” YNS (François Lévesque, Le Devoir)

“I find that the total art is cinema. » YNS (Luc Boulanger, La Presse)

“The Orchestre Métropolitain (which appears in the film) and I, our mission is to bring music to as many people as possible, and cinema can certainly contribute to that. » YNS (François Lévesque, Le Devoir)

“I like that the film shows a young chef, a woman, on the podium. » YNS (François Lévesque, Le Devoir)

“The environment has changed and Happy Days bears witness to this new reality. (…) The image of the authoritarian, hyper-rigid conductor who terrorizes his orchestra no longer works. » YNS (Luc Boulanger, La Presse)

(Google Translation, slightly adapted)

Luc Boulanger

François Lévesque

Crédit: Arthur Mola

Crédit: Arthur Mola

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