On American tour with his Orchestre Métropolitain

Orchestre Métropolitain’s last American tour dates back to 2019, before the pandemic. This time, Yannick will visit three cities with the them: Worcester (Mechanics Hall), Philadelphia (Verizon Hall) and New York (Carnegie Hall). Two soloists will accompany them on this tour, the prodigy Tony Siqi Yun who will perform Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2, as well as the Cree composer Cris Derksen, who will be on stage to perform her work, Controlled Burn, for Cello, Orchestra and Electroacoustics. For the OM, it will be a return to Philadelphia (Verizon Hall) and to New York (Carnegie Hall), two cities where their conductor is very well known and appreciated as Music and Artistic Director of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Music Director of the Metropolitan Opera of New York; for everyone, Mechanics Hall, a very famous venue near Boston, will be a discovery. The group will leave Montreal on March 1st and return there on the 7th.

« Yet, what made the performance most unusual was its approach to beauty.”

P. Wells, Maclean’s